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Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
In a previous post I wrote about design as a process of collaborative evolution, and nowhere is this more apparent than with the creation of a large exhibition like William Kent. At last count, there are at least 10 people who regularly attend the design meetings for the V&A version of the show. This includes, but is not always limited to: the curatorial team, who are responsible for the...
Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
Recently I have been to an interesting series of Social Design Talks. These discussions are based on the idea that designers employ unique working practices that can be adapted and transferred to other sectors for the purposes of social improvement. Whereas many public and private organisations tend to measure success as the extent to which the final outcome mirrors the original plan, the point...
Portrait of William Kent by William Aikman, c.1723. Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery
Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
In March 2014 the V&A will host a major exhibition dedicated to the work of William Kent, the most prominent artist, designer and architect of the early Hanoverian period. This will be the first ever full-scale exhibition to reflect the comprehensive range of Kent’s talents and influence upon British design and will include furniture, metalwork, illustrations, sculpture and paintings,...