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Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
I don’t know about you, but I was very relieved to read that Dick van Dyke escaped unscathed from the jaws of death last week. Having spent my childhood learning about Women’s Lib from Mary Poppins and my student years studying the complexities of the American healthcare system by way of Diagnosis Murder, I’m very pleased he’s OK. And so to celebrate, I spent the wettest...
Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
Last weekend I took something of a busman's holiday and trundled along the District line to Chiswick House. Chiswick brings together two important figures in William Kent's life: Lord Burlington, Kent's long-time patron and friend; and Andrea Palladio, the sixteenth-century Venetian architect. As I mentioned last time, Burlington and Kent met in Italy, where they had seen examples of...
Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
Academic theory, as someone* once said, is very much like underwear: it provides essential structural support at all times but should remain unseen, apart from the occasional flash, revealed judiciously for maximum effect. Although they're usually kept discreetly tucked away in exhibitions, all curators select and display objects based on their theoretical assumptions. Sometimes these...