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Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
This morning a very nice group of jewellery design students came to look at some of the many jewellery designs in the V&A's collection. Inspiring the creative industries has always been one of the Museum's raisons d'être, and it was great to see contemporary designers getting excited about 19th century work, sketching and taking photos, and adding some historic examples to their...
Author: Roisin Inglesby (Assistant Curator of Designs)
Some of the most significant power struggles in an exhibition surround label writing. These struggles are not, I hasten to add, between members of staff-- we're yet to engage in fisticuffs over ambiguously placed commas. Rather, the competition is between different types of information, and who, or what, should have precedence. Although (or perhaps because) visitors often don't read all...