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It has been a bit like living in Narnia recently. After all the excitement of last week's PV, the constant round of press interviews and VIP tours I should really have taken myself off to a quiet room to recuperate. But of course I couldn't resist coming in on Saturday morning, to be there when the doors opened for the first time to the public. As I walked to the V&A I was...
After six years of blood, sweat and quite a few tears - we have arrived! Enjoy. ps is it me or do I look spookily like Elsa Lanchester in Bride of Frankenstein?
well today it’s a pair of jeans, socks and tee-shirt recycled from the growing pile of discarded outfits worn during installation this week. All had passed what I call 'the sniff test' much to the disgust of the husband. Things didn't go quite according to plan this week, with one or two hairy moments. The lovely Claire said I had started to develop the 'Prichard...
My feet feel like bloody stumps, I’m gasping for a cup of tea and my fingers are wrinkled from 10 hours of being encased in purple nitrate gloves. But I love installation – it’s truly the best bit of any exhibition process. After six years of planning, research, visits, more research, writing, editing, angst and agony we are almost there. The one question I’m constantly...