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Author: Sarah Grant (Curator of Engraved Ornaments)
Gombrich observed that ‘every picture owes more to other pictures painted before than it owes to nature’[1]. Designers and artists have often looked to the past for inspiration and ornament prints from all periods can be an unparalleled resource in this exercise. Last year, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini held an exhibition that included contemporary decorative objects created from...
Author: Rebecca Wall
Florence. Rome. Paris: the career of seventeenth-century etcher Stefano della Bella (1610-1664) led him to cities whose romance would make any present-day traveller envious. Perhaps, however, the young della Bella had an early advantage in life; he was, after all, the son of a sculptor, and born in Florence, a city whose rulers, the Medici Grand Dukes, continued to demonstrate their illustrious...