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Author: Cara Williams (Schools Programmes Manager)
Creative Quarter, the V&A’s flagship event for secondary schools and colleges, took place on Friday 16th November and was attended by 30 schools from around London and further afield. A total of 3,600 young people participated in talks, workshops and drop-in events throughout the day.The day gave students the chance to find out about different courses and careers within the creative...
Author: Alex Flowers (Digital Programmes Manager)
By Alex Flowers, Digital Programmes Manager.Smart clothing, e-textiles and soft circuits are all upcoming trends in the way we look at fashion design, the functions of clothes and of fabrics. Apart from keeping warm and looking pretty that is. Smart textiles incorporate electronic components into their construction in some way add other functionality to it. These may be seamlessly integrated and...
Author: Adrian Deakes (Performance Education Manager)
As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s important that, when running events here, they have a strong relevance for the Museum and its collections. The National Video Archive of Performance (NVAP for short) is the V&A’s national collection of live recordings filmed in theatres around the country. Starting in 1992, it is now an amazing archive and record of performances that are...