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Author: Matilda Pye (Programme Manager (Conferences & Symposiums))
The V&A approached St Mungo's, a charity which works with homeless people to prevent and alleviate homelessness. They work to assist personalised recovery for homeless and excluded people and in the process, improve their quality of life and seek to prevent homelessness and the exclusion that embeds it. Dopo Enzo is a film about a recent project which was developed to celebrate the...
Author: Emmajane Avery (Head of Department of Learning)
Over the past 18 months we have been working closely with The Coventry Transport Museum and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum as part of the Department for Education/Arts Council Museums and Schools Programme. The programme aims to get more school children using their local museums and we have a target of 10,000 school pupil visits to the museums by the end of March 2015.I thought I would take...
Author: Rebecca English (Assistant Programme Manager (Schools))
This year the Schools team launched a new digital coding workshop as part of our programme for Secondary Schools. Coding is becoming an increasingly prevalent design tool; it is both a new ‘material’ that artists can use and an inspiration for their subject matter. Programmers who work with code to create computer programmes are a recent addition to the creative arts community and we...