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Author: Daniel Milford Cottam (Cataloguer Word and Image Department)
Hand-coloured lithograph by an unknown artist. French, 1850-1870.E.2872-1938Today’s find is a group of six hand-coloured lithographs dated to the French Second Empire (1852-1870) showing the costumes of cantinières in the French Army. Cantinières (also known as vivandières) were women who officially served alongside their husbands in the armed combat forces from the eighteenth century...
Author: Zoe Clayton (Cataloguer Word and Image Department)
A stereograph is composed of two pictures mounted next to each other, viewed with a set of lenses known as a stereoscope. Taken around 7cm apart, roughly corresponding to the spacing of the eyes, the left picture represents what the left eye would see, and likewise for the right, so when observing the pictures through a stereoscopic viewer, the pair of photographs converge into a single three-...
Author: Ella Ravilious (Curator of Documentation & Digitisation)
One of the real privileges of working at a place like the Victoria and Albert Museum is being able to see behind the scenes and come across fascinating things by chance.We’ve been seeing such wonders over the last five years on the Factory project, so I and the rest of the team am delighted to be able to start sharing them with you more directly as we find them.If your curiosity is piqued...