Author: Andrew Lewis (Digital Content Delivery Manager)
Museums and the Web Baltimore was as thought-provoking and inspiring as ever. With the day-job specifics turned off, it is truly invigorating to open up the mind in the company of 600 or so museum professionals working at the coalface of digital in museums. Here are some key takeaways for me. Это теперь доступен на русском языке - This post is available in a Russian
Author: Kati Price (Head of Digital Media)
As the old conference quip goes, it's often easier to meet up with your peers half way round the globe than in your hometown. Museums and the Web 2014 was no exception. This was my first outing at the conference and, as well as getting to meet some of my peers and counterparts from London's museums, I was also introduced to an equally brilliant bunch of colleagues from across the globe (...