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Author: Catherine Flood (Curator Word and Image)
So many great images have been contributed to the Collect London 2012 project (see last post) that I couldn't resist putting a few more on the blog. Have a look at the Flickr group and add your own images from the last two weeks. The aim is to create an archive of photos that will preserve a snapshot of some of the more peripheral visual aspects of the London Games: Olympic-related signage,...
Author: Catherine Flood (Curator Word and Image)
We need your images for this project!Conversations with colleagues in recent weeks have turned to the question of how do you 'collect' the Olympic Games? In terms of graphics, there are certainly individual bits of printed design (posters, tickets and so on) from the London 2012 Games that can and should be accessioned by a museum of art and design. But for an event so extraordinary in...