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Everything Alice was the No1. bestselling craft book for the summer 2011. The book illustration designs have been lovingly hand crafted by co-author & stylist Hannah Read-Baldrey. Made using a paper-cut collage techniques, most of the illustrations were created as instructional's or storytelling tools. The book has a unique whimsical style, which is reflected by the Cheshire Cat Invisibi-tea poster as well as the How To Run a Caucus Race; where you simply keep running in circles until you get tired! The printable cut out dolls have been a firm favourite with Everything Alice followers, popping up from computer desktops to children's bedrooms. There were a total of 17 original illustrations designed for this book, many of which are now a well recognised by a variety of Alice In Wonderland fans.

Cheshire Cat & Humpty Dumpty book illustrations
Printable cut out paper dolls - Alice and White Rabbit
Caucus Race illustration & instructional