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Chinese Twitter

Chinese Twitter

Main illustration on the rise of Weibo - Chinese Twitter. There were also two spot illustrations to drop in screenshots and a timeline of Weibo's growth.

I was given a rough concept to work with - information being passed between two computers. I ran with the idea and built it into an Escher-esque scape of tesselated laptops with lots of hands passing information between themselves. This was to convey the sense of the massive interconnectivity and power of Weibo. The information passed uses icons to express the message in the article and includes:

Pagoda Megaphone hybrid - protests
Broken house - earthquake - relates to the Sichaun province earthquake which helped the genesis of Weibo as a platform
Fiery Info - information spreading like wildfire
Scissors and ties - job cuts
Factory and cross-bones/Nuclear shocked face - toxic factory which was shut down thanks to Weibo
Question mark soup - story of soup co. using cheap ingredients
Microphone Smiley - Pop stars
Panda Yen - Chinese Business
Pigs Tale bio-hazard - story of pigs being fed toxic ingredients
Chinese characters for Dang Dang company - there was mention of them using Weibo to slag off Morgan Stanley