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The Form Divine

The Form Divine

The Student Newspaper asked me to do a piece based an article concerning the Miss World beauty pageant. The article details the recent protests to the 60th Miss World beauty pageant which took place in London during November. During my research I found an interesting diagram which appeared in The Mirror, 1959. It displayed a beauty pageants results by way of faceless mannequins with captions such as 'shoulders too sloping' and 'hips too wide'. During the protests people disagreed with the objectification of women, claiming the pageant reduces woman down to the sum total of their parts and only attributing value to a woman's physical appearance. However the fact remains that these women chose to take part in the contest, many of them claiming that people's understanding of pageants is mistaken. Intentions of the pageants aside, there is no doubt that it highlights the pressure on women to be conscious of their appearance, and sadly seems to suggest it is socially acceptable to judge a persons value in relation to their appearance.