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The Abject Body

The Abject Body

The Abject can be described as the disruption of social normality and ideal through the disruption of the body. "The in between, the ambiguous, the composite. ‘’ (Nead, 1992: 45) It is those human traits that are shocking and subversive. Nakedness, scarring, disfigurement. As well as maternal qualities, pregnancy and birth, the idea of coming into being and into consciousness. It is that which social appropriateness hides, like hiding a dying person or an illness. A crudeness and honesty that is often viewed as ugliness. I wish to capture and preserve the beauty in the Abject Body. I wish to challange the uncanny, present an awkwardness, a tension. "The grotesque body is the open, protruding, extended, secreting body, the body of becoming, process and change" (Nead, 1986: 219). Why should we hide these things? Why should they be taboo, instead lets embrace them.