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The (alternative) Moon Landing

The (alternative) Moon Landing

What really happened? We may never know!

This is part of a series of six images inspired by The Moon Landing's conspiracy theories. The story depicts the 1960's television broadcast of the landing, only to reveal the true event as a miniature puppet theater.
The brief was to depict a narrative based on three chosen words from a list of nouns, verbs and adjectives.
We then had to devise a story and illustrate it in six images - three from an insider's perspective, three from an outsider's perspective. I asked my housemate to choose for me as I am too indecisive. She chose 'television', 'space oddity' and 'cutting', and this was the final outcome. The series is set into two different visual styles, the first to represent the public perception, and the second the reality of the event.

The (alternative) Moon Landing (1 of 6)
The (alternative) Moon Landing (4 of 6)
The (alternative) Moon Landing (6 of 6)