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Archivum: The Journey of the Archivist

Archivum: The Journey of the Archivist

Three examples of finalised concept art for an animated film currently in production. The film is a metaphor for the work undertaken by the archivist who is represented as ambiguous figure fishing information from a sea of knowledge and then placing it amongst an ever-growing coastline of books, documents, and archive boxes. It is the experience of researching and finding that I have chosen to represent to bring the archive to life. The ambiguity of the figure and the metaphor of the sea I felt was the best way to convey the scale of the work being undertaken. The parallel with the sea is evident as something both ancient and evolving, with many hidden treasures to be found. The technique I use is a mix of painting and collage, which I feel helps to convey the many textures and patterns one finds amongst shelves comprising documents dating from the middle ages to the present day. It was from my location visits to the Kent Archives and seeing such an incredible abundance of historical information that I was inspired and gained a further appreciation for the work of the archivist. Many thanks to the staff and volunteers for their help with this project. More details about the film can be found on my website.