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The Bloody Chamber

The Bloody Chamber

Book Illustration for Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories'. This was a brief I chose as part of the 'Live Briefs and Competitions' theme from our choices for our Thematic module at University. This required me to find a live brief that would help me improve my development process and work within the professional practice, as well as having a strong research theme, for which I chose 'What is Magic Realist illustration?', a topic I have a strong interest in and is fitting with Carters magic realist writing style. The live brief I selected was set as a competition by The House of Illustration for the Folio Society who required entrants to create a cover binding and 3 accompanying illustrations for three of the selected stories from the book- Puss in Boots, Company of Wolves, and The Bloody Chamber.

With temporary text, without bleed.