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digital ritual

digital ritual

A self-directed college project at UCA Maidstone.
In looking at the culture and emotions that are invested into the digital worlds that run parallel to our everyday existence I felt the meaning of these non-physical places was developing far beyond that of technological convenience. With the breakdown of traditional hierarchies, both economical and political, this parallel world represented salvation and also threatening power for many people(e.g. the arab spring) It also replaced something that humans have lacked since the modern physicalist movement of the seventeenth century. A second reality. One that is incredibly spiritual and the locus of human society.
This work was a culmination of research into trying to see the spiritual in the modern digital world. I hope you enjoy it.
They were created with 3d modelling software after which the image file was corrupted to create unique colours and distortions. I glitched the imagery to draw attention to the digital medium that I am using.

Digital ritual