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'Dirty Work' - Book Cover Project

'Dirty Work' - Book Cover Project

This illustration was made for a recent Book Cover Project. For the brief, we were asked to choose from a list of fictitious book titles to adapt.I decided to adapt the book title 'Dirty Work'. From initial brainstorming, I made the decision to combine both the literal and lateral associations of 'dirty work' and made the subject matter about grave robbers; this career has the joint virtues of being a physically dirty task while also being a morally dubious one. The illustration itself was made from linocut prints. I felt that the printing method had a visual effect which heightened the sinister nature and atmosphere of the subject matter. It's also faintly reminiscient of Victorian 'penny dreadful' prints, which would have been in circulation in the 19th century, during the time when grave-robbing was at its peak. The image was later scanned and then coloured on Photoshop.

'Dirty Work' Book Cover Project by Alex Screen