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Editorial project - Over fishing of Tuna

Editorial project - Over fishing of Tuna

Project Brief - Editorial.
Required to read texts all discussing various issues. I decided to do a project based on the text about the huge industry that is tuna fishing, We were then required to create one full-colour final artwork, portrait dimensions. The piece we had to create had not to be too obvious or literal. We had to think as the article as a whole instead of focusing on a particular line of text in isolation. The text was about the different types of tuna. Some of these were very much endangered and others were not so much at risk. However, the text discussed that if the population did not make a change to how much tuna they consume and aren't careful to which types of tuna they are consuming, the non endangered types could also become at risk. The main point of the article was to raise awareness and make sure the general public knew that they have to change their ways to prevent this from happening. It is in our hands.