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Els Fait de Maig

Els Fait de Maig

These three images are taken from a set of 10 spreads in a small book.

The book is called 'Els Fait de Maig', (Catalan for 'The May Events') and illustrates the different buildings that the variety of political militia occupied during a period of street fighting in Barcelona, May 1937. The book is from a wider project I'm currently working on, based off George Orwell's lauded and exceptionally dry account of his participation as a communist militiaman, Homage to Catalonia, which details his fighting with (and then against) the Republican forces during the Spanish Civil War.

The Poliorama, where George Orwell's militia group, the POUM, occupied
Central Telefonica, occupied by the CNT and then the Guardia de Asalto
Hotel Colon, occupied by the PSUC