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Emma and Horace

Emma and Horace

Emma and Horace is a short comic I made over the course of 6 weeks as a self-published graphic story. It was made as part of a short course in comic-making and offset lithography, so the 16-page book was planned and made 100% without a computer. It was made as an edition of 12 lithographically printed books. As well as being a tender story of the forming of a relationship, my book was an exercise in how the comic-book form can be used to reflect an interaction (or non-interaction) of two characters. I have only submitted a few snippets from the story, but they are the pages and images which I thought were the most successful.

this is the reunion scene, emma has just gotten off the train
emma is travelling into the city, and horace is walking to pick her up
horace is making a coffee