Lino Cut & Print Lino Cut & Print - A3 Lino Cut & Print
The premise of this degree brief was simple: produce an illustrated poster that encompasses what do. Etsy, for the most part, is an online craft fair; therefore the concept was to keep it simple and hand-made as is with many of the items for sale on there. ‘Craft Nouveau’ is a play on the art and design movement, Art Nouveau. The idea being that this is a place you’ll find art and hand made items, as is also cemented by the subject holding a ball of wool. I wanted the poster to be striking, but more so for the handmade effort placed into the production of it to be recognised. With this, therefore opting to hand-carve the poster into an A3 sheet of lino to print. This work was produced purely as a piece of university coursework; had no involvement in or use of this work.

Work in progress.
Original sketch