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Fairytale Fighters

Fairytale Fighters

I am submitting my illustration based on female fairy tale characters: 'Fairytale Fighters'. The brief was to illustrate feminism in some way, so after many ideas I decided to do fairy tale females fighting back as opposed to being the damsels in distress they are usually portrayed as. I thoroughly enjoyed this project, I wanted to keep this really fun and lighthearted. I did each one with a unique weapon that would match with their character.
From left to right: Snow White with Apple Grenades, Rapunzel with hair whip, Cinderella with her broom and kitchen knife, Belle as her inner beast, and Red Riding hood with her trusty axe. These girls are not to be messed with!

I created this illustration first using pencil for the initial image and then putting it into photoshop to colour and edit. I also used a different variety of textured and tea-stained paper to add a bit of depth to the background.

Fairytale Fighters: Femme Fighters