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Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

These three illustrations are taken from a 12 image series based on famous last words. The series covers multiple facets of illustration i.e. book covers, sequential illustration and pattern design. I use the context of the 'famous last words' to influence the form of the artwork. Research into the circumstances when the 'last words' were spoken, and of the lives of those who spoke them, was crucial to the outcome of each image. Therefore, the images I have produced are not simply illustrating text but also illustrating their context.

1. 'I am about to take my last voyage, a great leap in the dark.' Thomas Hobbes
2. 'They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance.' General John Sedgwick
3. 'I am in a duel to the death with this wallpaper. One of us has to go.' Oscar Wilde

Chris Knight, Voyage
Chris Knight, General John Sedgwick
Chris Knight, Oscar WIlde