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The ghost ponies of Dartmoor

The ghost ponies of Dartmoor

This animation is the final piece for our main module this term called "Finding your context" which was fed by research from our summer project titled "The underbelly of". For my subject I had chosen to look at the annual foal crop of the dartmoor ponies. 1500 ponies live on the moor year round and every year produce between them around 900 foals. Since the cessation of live export and in the current economic climate these animals have little to no value in todays market. Roughly 77% of these animals are culled every year. Tourists and the general public have little idea that the ponies are even owned let alone that there is a wastage element to seeing the ponies on the moor. The ponies play a vital role in the ecology of the moor and the Dartmoor pony as a pure breed has become endangered and the genetics of the purebred Dartmoor Pony weakened by cross breeding to produce an animal with a pretty coat which will appeal to the market in riding ponies. There are effective charities involved in the welfare of the ponies and through this project I have made a video which is a call to action for its viewers. It has appealed to several charities and I have chosen The friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony as the beneficiary of any funds raised by this animation. I have also pledged the prints used to make the scenery to several charities who will be holding events to sell the works and raise further funds this way. This link will take you to my animation which is now live on UTube and will shortly be shown through Moor Pony Resources as a promotion of The Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony charity.

Still 001 from The Ghost Ponies
Still 002 The Ghost Ponies