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Gods and other animals

Gods and other animals

The sequence of illustrations presented is taken from the series 'Gods and other animals'.
Each image portrays a facet of daily routine (or ritual) that is juxtaposed against anthropomorphised stereotypes. Each is a particular manifestation of the human condition but is represented through exaggerated animalistic forms, which are often unnatural or subdued as though trapped in a moment of the human experience.
The references to the primitive (or the bestial) reflect the fact that, although we are all animals in essence, one quest of humanity is to refuse this state and separate oneself from nature. The text that accompanies the images in the complete series is a reflection on the minutia of living, the trivial distractions that for the vast majority of humanity take the place of the survival instinct, of the forgotten and replaced priorities of nature.

The frog and the crane - graphite, paper
Reclining minotaur - graphite, paper
Lion in tie - graphite, paper