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This is a small zine about a bad ass horse girl in Edinburgh. The brief for this project was to make an "alternative guide" to Edinburgh and I went to Tower Farm horse riding stable. As the brief was very open in terms of what an alternativ guide is I decided to spend some time at the horse stable to get inspiration rather than actually making a conventional guide to the location. As I used to ride horses myself a lot when I was younger this project turned out to be autobiographical in some ways. It is about a girl that is very into horse riding and punk rock music and she feels like an outsider both at the stable and with her friends at school who are also in to rock music. It is about the difficulty of combining these interests, the need of feeling that you are part of a group and realising that it perhaps is not so important.
The size of the zine is A5 and it folds out to an A2 poster. I chose this format specifically so that it could include a poster as young horse girls love to cover their rooms with pictures of cute horses.
The design is inspired by punk rock posters and photocopied DIY zines.