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The focus of my project was the poignancy, loneliness and innate beauty of death. My local graveyard is somewhere I consider a place of peace and aesthetic loveliness, and it was the starting point for the project; I felt quite affected by a gravestone which sat by itself under a tree, and it became the subject of my final illustration. The text come from the poem "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot, a real literary hero of mine, and it talks about the past, and about memory, and about hyacinths, and love, and light, and silence. The abstracts I wanted to express. I love the use of text within an image, and I love poetry, so including these lines seemed the right thing to do. It stops the image from being just a sad drawing of a dead man's view of Plymouth. It's a dead man's afterlife laid out in front of him. The promise of light, and of hyacinth gardens. Of peace. Of beauty. Of silence.

Plymouth from a graveyard.
Drawing of the tree and the grave in my final.
A drawing of hyacinth flowers for my final.