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Illustration for article

Illustration for article

I was told to produce an illustration to accompany an article in The Lonely Planet magazine, the focus is on Tokyo as a holiday destination. I needed to produce a final full colour artwork in response to the following text;
“Life in Tokyo moves at a well-oiled clip, with an energy that borders on mania and an obsession with newness that seems to make all ideas quickly obsolete. Throngs of tech-savvy, smartly styled Tokyoites trot through subway stations, in this hyperurban cosmopolis. It’s a metropolis where the pressure cooker of traditional societal mores and expectations explodes into cutting-edge art, music and inventions. The conspicuous consumption is evident in its shopping districts and the shiny façades of the latest architectural achievement.

I approached this artwork with a simple yet effective design technique and included the architecture which is commonly known in Japan.

Tokyo article