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July 21st, 1969

July 21st, 1969

The starting point for this piece was an original copy of the Daily Telegraph on the day that the Apollo 11 moon landing was reported. I was interested to investigate the way in which all the other information contained within this artifact has been preserved, purely because it happened to be reported at the same time. The final outcome is a representation of the face of the moon, construct from the obituary pages of the newspaper, hanging in a night sky of made up of the other overlayed pages. From afar all that can be seen is the main story - the moon, but as we move closer, as we look harder, we see that many other things happened on July 21st, 1969. This piece is a memento for the supposedly 'unimportant' things that get swallowed up in history.

My choice of materials and process - lithography on newsprint - are reflection of the source material.

'July 21st, 1969' Lithoraph on newsprint
'July 21st, 1969' Lithoraph on newsprint (close up)