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The Key Words Postcard

The Key Words Postcard

Sometime when I am frustated. It is so hard to talk with others or express my feeling exactly with words. Colour and figure are the most direct and imlicit way of communication. Words can express everything like inner communication between people, but wirh figure, it can receive unexpect result.
I set up an emotion exchange activity in a popular social-networ web site, encouraging stangers to write down their feeling at the moment with a key word and share their story with me by email. Then I will draw a postcard with the key word and post the postcard to the story owner. I asked they to send me a photo with the postcard as ab evidence, If they feel free from the bad mood when they received my postcard. When I received their photo which has their smell and my postcard I will feel happy from heart. We exchang our emotion and let it be good.
Every postcard has their own story.

This story came from a girl who has been struck by her thoughts.
A boy told me , he had faced to a lot of things with a false attitude.
A girl did not want to grow up, she always played the fool in her life.