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This project is about lifespan, I have made something which lasts, but which reflects something that exists for only a fraction of a second.

It is based on three elements, Ununquaidium, Ununhexium and Coppernicium. Each element has a half life of milliseconds before it decays into the next one. I have used their structural diagrams to show each one. The Tin shows Ununquaidium, and inside monoprinted onto tissue is ununhexium, and the silver necklace Coppernicium.

Displayed; Ununquaidium tin, Ununhexium monoprinted & Coppernicium necklace.
The tin with Ununquaidium engraved on the top.
A small glimpse to what the tin contains... Ununhexium and Coppernicium.