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Little Lost Lights

Little Lost Lights

This is a personal brief from a story of my own for my course. The book has no text so it can be interpreted and translated to each individual reader.
To me the story is about sadness, having to face fears and the ability to cope and move on.
Intended for a book 60cm wide x 15cm long
Mixed media, monoprint, pencil drawing, computer render.
The illustrations provided are after the tunnel incident.
'Searching through the City' shows the little girl headstrong and focused on her task, she isn't frightened of her strange environment and all the other stories that must be going on in the city. A double page spread
'Last one now back to me' is a double page spread but of two illustrations in sequence. Here the little girl is shown calmly collecting the final lost light and then consuming them.

Little girl finding her lights
Little girl finds all her lost light