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In this print and process module I choose to illustrate a song called 'Matchsticks' by Liverpool band 'Loved Ones'. The song is about invisible creatures living under the floorboards of a young child's bedroom.

The lyrics led me on a number of different routes in my journey. Initially I spent 3 days glueing matchsticks together into large geometric shapes which then inspired me to paint a large canvass in bold acrylic paints, illustrating passages from the lyrics mixed with patterns and shapes and a central cat figure. From here I moved to a more controlled outlook and drew the contrastingly controlled 'Albert' piece in ink and then digital colour. Leaving the characters behind and moving just into shape I spent a few days drawing thousands of geometric cubes on a piece of paper which resulted in the 'In Hell' screen print.

Matchsticks. 16 x 20 Acrylic on canvass
Albert. Ink and digital illustration
In Hell. Screen print and acylic.