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Noir City

Noir City

This submission follows my most recent project that I have done at university, it required me to complete a page for a limited edition publication, that was distributed at a small local design gallery, as part of a ‘Film Noir’ exhibition that was taking place.
As a requirement I had to produce a single A4 page for a collective graphic novel in black and white (included me and all of my peers on my course). We were given a list of themes that relate to ‘Noir’ and had to choose one of these themes to take forward and illustrate. I chose the theme ‘city and boarder’, as I was inspired by big American cities that are commonly depicted through Noir, focusing on shadows, darkness and overwhelming buildings and skyscrapers that surround you everywhere you turn. I went on to illustrate my response using fine-liner, which I later went on to screen print for my final outcome.