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Before Paul Died

Before Paul Died

During the summer break of 2011 I was given a list of seven books to read and asked to choose one to investigate visually. I chose 'the Wasp Factory' by Iain Banks and during that period I drew a series of sketches and filled a pad up. On return to University and the start of my second year, my tutors set a new brief of drafting and presenting two illustrated double page spreads using the summer work done so far as a basis for the final outcome. I decided, in the end to illustrate the pivotal scenes in which the main protagonist kills of three of his close relatives at a very young age in inventive and darkly humorous ways. Which could be seen as being a bit of a sellout, but I went for it anyway. I coloured all three in, but only prefer the main image this way, the other two I prefer in black and white. I did three, as it didn't seem right to do only two of the death scenes, when they seem so important to the story.

Iain Banks Wasp Factory illustration by Karl Whiteley 'Before Paul Died'
Iain Banks Wasp Factory Illustration by Karl Whiteley 'Blyth and the Adder'
Iain Banks Wasp Factory Illustration by Karl Whiteley 'Esmerelda and the Kite'