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Philip K Dick

Philip K Dick

This was a self-set uni project to create a series of three book covers for novels by the author Philip K Dick. I am a big fan of classic sci-fi but there is a stereotypical style to much of the cover-work which I feel does not always do the work justice. I set myself this project to challenge the traditional sci-fi style and create a series of covers which more accurately represent the writing.
Therefore I set out to create covers for these three novels which reflected the quirkiness and sense of fun in Dick's writing, as well as more accurately representing the era in which they were written. I took some of my inspiration from 60's and 70's poster design and combined this with objects which appear significant to the story line or are representative of the strange worlds in which they are set.
The strange machine for 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' is a mood controller on which characters in the book can dial their chosen moods for the day. Much of the book is designed to make you think about the definition of 'human', mainly through the hunt for and examination of robots who pretend to be human. However, the mood controller twists this concept around by allowing human action to be controlled like a machine.
The spray can on 'Ubik' is a bottle of Ubik spray, which within the book is used to stop objects and people from 'regressing' to their previous historical state (such as a digital TV gradually regressing back to old black and white form etc.)
The creature on Beyond Lies the Wub' is a Wub, which in the titular short story is a strange pig-like creature from Mars which possesses great intellect and telepathic ability.

The line-work and title typography were hand-drawn and scanned into photoshop to be coloured. The bright colours, bold type and simple composition are reminiscent of 60's and 70's poster designs (the era in which Dick was writing) but the designs maintain a modern element through my line-work and the digital colouring method. These bright covers will stand out from other designs in the sci-fi section while providing a more accurate impression of the quirky and interesting nature of the writing.