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Planet β502

Planet β502

Planet β502 is the story about a girl, Alessi travelling around the world to explore something unknown. During the journey, she accidentally enters into a mysterious place called Planet β502 where clowns are the creators of the world, and it is where creepy, horrible human building evolution begins. Because of her tremendous curiosity, she is trapped by the clowns to enter into one of evil buildings; therefore, she is doomed to become a part of building. However, something unexpected always happens... Will she really turn out to be a building in the end?

In this story, you can see there are a lot of squares which are the main elements for me to construct this story. Here, square represents weakness, laziness, pessimistic attitude; it can destroy everyone’s belief. So when the human building evolution starts on the girl, it means that they are completely destroyed by the environment, reality that they will just die in despair. I use it as a metaphor to represent the difficult situation that everyone has to face in their life. And hope it can encourage readers that even in difficult situation, they should still stay optimistic to overcome difficulties.

The story consists of 13 full double page spreads and a book cover.