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These two pieces were part of a set of 5 similar prints produced for a project with the theme of 'squares', I chose to look at a square as an enclosed space, which led me to look at rooms and how it feels to be enclosed and confined to a space, wether or not you get of a feeling of security and comfort or entrapment and frustration.
The first image of the series is a relatively clean, uninteresting, secure room, with only a hint of unease beginning to creep in, then gradually as the series progresses the room becomes slightly more unnerving and distorted, resulting in the second image (the end of the series) with the painting of a figure on the wall becoming the centre piece and turning into a grotesque image, completely distorting the whole room in a haze and turning it into quite a disturbing place to be. The change between each print is subtle, so you don't fully realise how different the room is until you compare the first and the last image.
I etched the painting on the wall and used chine collet for the shadow of the chair, the rest of the room and furniture is screen printed on top.