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Slow Ride

Slow Ride

From gallows pole to blazing desert. From being a victim to being a criminal. All lead to slow ride to the other side of the horizon. That was the way of the west where even the toughest wolves were pushed in the corner and forced to flee. Try and really imagine yourself being in this environment, where the only company you get sometimes are hungry vulchers circling above your head waiting for you to collapse, where everyone is for himself and where you always have to watch your back. The shining sun burns your skin, no water, no food and after three days of this hell, that shotgun becomes really friendly while being pointed at yourself. Why suffer? Why go thrue all this? Why not end this misery? You point the barrel, put a finger on the triger...Sudden flash! And your book is closed...
This piece was done while thinking about how people lived then or atleast how they show us in the movies we see today. The goal was to get that certain mood showing the tough environment and the character pushed in it. Looking at culture is crutial for me - from the Renaissance to savagery - all is important and left its mark after it passed. Done digitally from imagination, without references.