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The things everyone can not see, but I can see - My imaginary friends

The things everyone can not see, but I can see - My imaginary friends

For the last one year, I have been developing a series of works depicting characters from my imaginary world as my major project.
When I came across the text, "I shut my eyes in order to see " created by Paul Gauguin, I strongly felt inspired and thought that my journey could start from here. During this project,I followed my mind and it trained me to open my mind. I did a lot of automatic drawings and it began to ask questions- questions like who am I, what do I want to say and where do I want to go. The questions arrived at unknown place that is called imaginary world, one after the other, everything started showed up in front of me like uninvited guests. I call them my imaginary friends. They do not exist without belief. And I believe that without imagination, nothing can exist. The first character is named " Creep cucumber crocodile." He is a master of disguise. The second one is named " Munchy crunchy trap ." He has a lot of coloured digestive juices in his stomach and he is vegetarian. The third one is named " Light king cricket." He is very busy with spurting coloured light. It is a shame that I can not introduce my other imaginary friends. I will be very happy to have a chance to introduce my friends to you.