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V&A Babies

V&A Babies

During a course visit to the V&A the brief was to 'Look around (the New Renaissance Galleries) and find a piece of art that inspires you to produce a version of your own...First take photographs and make rough drawings of anything you find that might be inspiration for your project, then design an illustrated object inspired by the objects you have chosen'.

I initially made a set of dolls dressed and styled like V&A scuptures. I then develped the idea into a story and then into a 32-page illustrated book entitled 'V&A Babies - An intercalary Tale'. The book is illustrated using photography and digital manipulation. It tells the story of how the V&A statues are brought to life each intercalary day (29 Feb) as babies, giggling, laughing, running in the corridors and generally causing havoc. The images submitted are 3 spreads from the book.

V&A Babies Baby Jesus Pom statue awakening
V&A Babies Pages16/17 St Antoninus Stained Glass
V&A Babies Pages 26/27 Slate Nativity