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victoria line chase

victoria line chase

Victoria Line Chase is consisted of 15 illustrated maps-

I know my way quite well from Vauxhall to Oxford Circus via Victoria Line however one Sunday morning I wondered whereabouts in the city between the two points the tube went through exactly. For this curious matter, I decided to chase after *Victoria Line. I went on to create a track map of the Victoria Line, taking London Underground Track Map as a reference and I took my journey on foot following the paths from Brixton to Walthamstow. The curved line indicates Victoria Line’s track and the straight line shows where I walked through. In my maps, Victoria Line has the poetic license itself. Between the 16 stations I have passed through countless times via tube, there were various shops, cafes, parks, streams, houses, and playgrounds. Whenever we travel underground listening to music or reading a book, we pass by crowded pubs of drunks and playgrounds of energetic kids. Unaware of such lively events going on above, people in the tube head to their destination urgently.

*London Underground is consisted of 11 main lines. Along with Waterloo & City Line, Victoria Line is the only one that fully operates below underground (although Victoria Line Depot is situated on the surface), suitably serving its name of the transportation system as 'under' ground.