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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

This is the cover and 2 interior double spreads from my latest book, 'Beauty and the Beast' published by Orchard Books. I wanted the images to convey emotion and atmosphere as the story is quite dark in places.  The 2nd double spread I've chosen shows the ruined family moving from town to country on the left hand page. The right hand page shows Beauty's sisters walking in their once beautiful gowns, now patched up, as Beauty and her father are working in the fields behind.

Ultimately this is a love story and Beauty does fall in love with the Beast. The 3rd double spread I've chosen depicts the developing relationship between Beauty and the Beast as she softens towards him. I wanted to capture a tenderness between them as they eat dinner together by candle light.

Beauty and the Beast cover by Sarah Gibb
A double spread from Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast dining together