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Good Luck Baby Owls

Good Luck Baby Owls

Frost-coated silence, a chill winter’s night. All is quiet in the big dark barn. All is quiet except for a squeak. A squeakity-squeak in the big dark barn. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” squeak two baby owls. “Please, Daddy, please, can we learn how to fly?” In this lyrical story about two baby owls impatient to grow up, stunning collage paintings perfectly capture the warmth and energy of the irresistible babies as they stretch and grow and prepare to test their wings. The Bookseller said of Alexandra's work - '‘... deserves to be examined closely, but also stood well back from and gazed at in awe.’

"...wait for the spring when your wings will be strong!"
"Tonight," says Daddy, "we shall learn how to fly."
"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" squeak two baby owls.