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Book Illustration

Book Illustration

For my Extension Module I looked at some traditional tales from Africa. After a lot of research into African folklore I chose to develop my own style fable about why giraffes have long necks. I used some innovative ideas, whilst keeping the original basis of the biblical storyline of Noah’s Ark. This makes the tale both interesting and adaptable for a modern readership, giving a refreshing and vibrant feel to what is a well known and loved legendary story.

I used naïve/folk style illustrations to depict the tale, which suits the genre of African folktales. Vibrant water colours and eye-catching views are used to draw the young reader into the story. Animals casually walking up an exaggerated mountain slope add a humorous side to the fable whilst emphasising the difficulty that a group of animals might having ascending a mountain.

The animals boarding the ark
The building of the ark
The giraffes being hauled aboard