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The Caucasian Chalk Circle Illustrations (2011)

The Caucasian Chalk Circle Illustrations (2011)

These works were done in the summer of 2011 when I was a student in College at KCC, London doing a year course in Graphic Design.I chose to do a self-directed project of Book Illustration.
It was my final project on the course before going to University. This was for a brief I had to set myself. I decided to create a book using one of my favourite plays "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" by Bertolt Brecht as content.
I wanted the format to feel like an old book, hence the visual style was based on that.
The imagery was created from a vast source of mix media and processes which varied from painting, collage to burning damp paper.
The first image "Prologue" which was my favourite to create because it took the most work and wider range of materials/processes to produce. The torn edges of the buildings were created using damp draft paper and a craft tweezer by holding it against the cooker stove. The buildings needed to look derelict and destroyed from war so I had to think carefully how was I to recreate that visually.
The second image "Into the Mountains" was created from a landscape Illustration spreading two pages in total, I did in my A3 sketchbook and was challenging to draw, but the funnest part was painting the tones and tints on the mountains. I spent days trying to get atmosphere right for that scene.
The final image I submitted was the ending I set the scene visually, so that the judge is setting off into the sunset.
I chose to enter these pieces because, as stressful as this project was to do, it sparked a drive in me to work until I solved my own brief.
I wasn't working for the sake of a good grade, I was working for the sake of creating the best work I could do.I hope one day to work on more projects like this one.

The Ending
The Northern Mountains