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Evil woman who wanted to eat a child.

Evil woman who wanted to eat a child.

This is a double page spread illustration for a children's picture book, created as part of a university project, the story is of an evil woman who wants to eat a child. In this spread, on the left she is observing the children from a distance, behind the houses as they play, and on the right of the page it shows her tasting one of the children, and with the obvious look of disgust on her face, she doesn't like this one. With such a dark text as a brief i wanted to make it more child friendly without abstracting it too far from the dark theme of the story, so of course the gingerbread houses are a hint at Hansel and Gretel, who as we know were going to be eaten by the witch, and the character of the old woman was inspired by a food, a potato, this relationship to the children's toy 'Mr Potato-Head' makes her more of a comedic character, and less frightening, more of a fumbling stupid villain.