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Heroes and Villains.

Heroes and Villains.

This work presents an extract from Angela Carter’s novel ‘Heroes and Villains,’ which is a prime example of a contemporary gothic novel. Gothic fiction emerged in the 18th century as a disjointed and sensationalist form of literature. Carter played on the re-emergence of these themes in the late 20th century.
As part of my final year research I am exploring how to rework literature into handmade items with captivating visual narratives. In this case, I selected a scene to encapsulate the overall tone of the novel. I designed this short visual narrative to represent the protagonist’s negotiation with her strange surroundings and the ominous character in the chase. I wanted to show how our mind pulls imagery directly from a piece of text. I used a mix of waterless lithography and silkscreen printing to transform my raw, charcoal drawings into dynamic, tonal prints.